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About Us

Our company Portal Pune Sh.p.k. operates under the laws of the Republic of Kosovo;the company is registered in the Business Registration Agency within the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Kosovo and we are regular taxpayers in the Kosovo Tax Administration.

Since the date of its establishment, on 01.05.2008, within the Portal Pune Sh.p.k operates the web-portal www.portalpune.com. Approximately 8 years that we operate in the local market made us a leader in the field of mediation in employment, as well as information on vacancies.

PortalPune.com was established seeing numerous requests for faster information on job seekers for all job vacancies, advice for job seekers and career employees, notifying employers with qualified job seekers, always serving as a bridge between job seekers and employers.

We are the meeting point between job seekers and employers, with specialized staff in Kosovo and the region in the scope of ​​Human Resources.